Let's make it easy for you to manage your gym
Bohemian Innovation
February to March 2021
UX Designer


Atom is a comprehensive fitness solution aimed at empowering fitness professionals, trainers, influencer-creators, gym owners, and fitness enthusiasts by offering seamless management, growth, and monetization of their community and content.

Atom's unique approach caters to both gym owners and fitness enthusiasts. The platform allows gym owners to effectively manage their businesses by tracking revenue, attendance, classes offered, and maintaining a thriving community. The gym-goer app enables users to monitor their fitness journey and sign up for classes.

My Role and Responsibilities

As the lead designer for Atom's app, I was tasked with addressing design issues in both the existing web and mobile applications for gym owners and gym-goers. My initial responsibility was to identify and log all design issues, both visual and functional. After discussing priorities with the team, I proceeded to fix these issues and present the changes for approval before handing them off to the developers.

The Challenge

The Atom platform had web and mobile apps for gym owners and a mobile app for gym-goers.

However, these apps were plagued with design issues such as inconsistent UI elements, visual discrepancies, and functional limitations. The main objective was to identify, prioritize, and solve these issues to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for all Atom platform users in time for the launch.

The Research

To gain a comprehensive understanding of users' needs and pain points, we conducted interviews with gym owners and fitness enthusiasts. We also analyzed competitor apps and industry trends to identify best practices and potential opportunities for improvement.

Key findings from our research included:

  • Gym owners needed a more intuitive way to manage their businesses, track revenue, and monitor attendance.
  • Fitness enthusiasts desired a simplified process for monitoring their progress and signing up for classes.
  • Both user groups valued consistency and ease of use across the platform.

Our Design Process

Based on our research insights, we embarked on a collaborative, iterative design process that involved:

  1. Identifying and logging all design issues, both visual and functional.
  2. Prioritizing issues based on user needs and business objectives.
  3. Collaborating with developers to ensure technical feasibility and alignment with design decisions.

The Result: Fitness Made Simple

The Atom platform saw major enhancements in user experience. The updated design facilitated easier navigation and simplified workflows for gym owners, making business management, revenue tracking, and attendance monitoring more efficient. For fitness enthusiasts, tracking progress and signing up for classes was made more intuitive.

The platform also achieved consistency in UI elements across devices and improved accessibility, thanks to the newly implemented style guide. Overall, Atom became a more user-friendly and efficient fitness management solution.