Revolutionizing Payment Processes for Freelancers and Gig Workers
Bohemian Innovation
March to August 2022
UX Designer


AtomPay was developed with a single objective - to streamline the payment process for diverse professionals. The platform catered to virtual assistants, dog walkers, personal fitness trainers, and tour guides, helping them monetize their services efficiently. The user experience was designed with precision, with the initial user journey including elements like the home page, user onboarding, payment setup, and customer checkout process.

AtomPay Web App Screenshots on iOS

AtomPay demonstrated considerable success with a Gross Merchant Value of $55,000 and a user base of 2800 sign-ups.

My Role and Responsibilities

As the UX Designer, I helped shape the platform's visuals and functionality. I teamed up with Michelle, our Senior UX Designer, to make the early, and the most crucial, parts of the user experience. We designed the home page, set up onboarding for new users, devised payment methods (Stripe, PayPal, Bank Payment), and created a smooth checkout process.

Later, I led the design for new versions of the web app and started building the mobile app. I kept working with the developers to turn our designs into real features until we had to pause the project.

The Research

We talked to fitness influencers originally, as that was supposed to be our initial target market to understand their business and how their clients were paying them. Our research showed that we could expand to other freelancers and gig workers.

We discovered that most of our target market monetized their social media following using TikTok, Instagram, and Linktree to market their services. They didn't necessarily have a solution that fits their business, and most of the payments were through Cash, Venmo, and PayPal. It was all mixed up among personal transactions, but they knew about no other solutions.

The new kid on the block: 
AtomPay's Challenges

AtomPay faced the recognition hurdle in the crowded digital transaction platform market. Its visibility was limited among established competitors, such as PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Square, CashApp, and Payoneer (for International payments).

They were not in the same space as us but they have been the go-to choice for payments. We needed to market that through us they can set up a digital store for their services. The goal was to focus on the value proposition and our target market, the gig economy.

The Result: 
Collecting Payments Made Easy for everyone

AtomPay's journey and the metrics of success - a Gross Merchant Value of $55,000 and 2800 user sign-ups in a span of just six months - speak to the platform's potential in revolutionizing the digital transaction process.

By enabling professionals like freelancers and content creators to streamline their payment processes, AtomPay significantly improved their business operations. These achievements underline the platform's potential for ongoing growth and its capacity to create meaningful, positive impacts for users.