Bohemian Innovation

Redesigning the website for an award-winning software consulting firm.

This callout is for projects that are under strict NDA. That means I cannot share a lot of information or even screenshots publicly. Should also include my email at so interested parties can reach out to talk about the project.


I joined Bohemian Innovation on February 2021. Alongside designing some amazing apps, I also delved into using Webflow a lot. The redesign for our agency website was on our minds for a while and it was time to put it to action.

Our portfolio consists of the most well designed and developed projects I have had the pleasure of working on. We wanted our agency website to reflect that and to attract new innovative companies to work with.

  • Branding and Identity
  • Content Writing
  • LoFi Designs and Wireframes
  • High Fidelity Design
  • Web Development
  • Figma
  • Notion
  • Webflow

Bohemian Innovation


August 2021 - September 2021

The Old Website

The old website was built on Wordpress

Our goals

We wanted it to be modern, but a hint of abstract. We wanted to showcase all the industries we have worked in, and our knowledge in the space.

We knew we wanted to work on a new website. At that time I had wrapped up the design and development for our Atom landing page and my personal website in Webflow. I had enough time and experience using Webflow so I approached our CEO Lynette that maybe it's time we start building our agency website. We got the green light and started laying the groundwork.

Our Process

LoFi Designs

We had the idea for the basic structure of the website, including all the pages we would have.

Color Palette

I was also assigned to look for a good font and a color palette that fit our brand. That was no easy task, but I didn't have to do it alone. I wanted to approach my team with a plan so I decided to play around with a few color palettes consisting for 2-3 colors and coming up with different variations. I then went ahead applied some of the colors to our LoFi designs. Just showing the color palette to my team would just be confusing, it had to be in context.

Imagery was a big focus for us. I wanted to really understand what everyone thinks when we think about our company, and how Lynette feels about what we wanted to show the world.

I created a FigJam and, after selecting some colors, adding some notes, and adding my own images, I invited my team for a brainstorming session. This way they were not lost and knew exactly what we wanted to achieve during the session.

We voted on what we thought of the color palettes, added imagery, and decided on the next direction for the High Fidelity design.

High Fidelity Designs

I had a very strict workflow for the website project. All the content would be in Notion, it will then be copied over to the Figma. Once we have seen the content in context of the designs, it would then be added to Webflow.

This also meant that any changes would have to be made in Notion first, then Figma, and then Webflow. Or else we wouldn't know what changed, where the discrepancies are, resulting in miscommunication. Overall, a mess. I didn't want that.

Color Palette

High Fidelity Pages

I set up a template for the case study after discussing with Lynette what is that we want to portray about our company and who the audience was. Andrew was in charge of gathering content and imagery for our case studies.

Next steps...

We launched the website in September of 2021. Check it out!

The plan at the moment is to gather feedback from past clients, coworkers, and collaborators. We will then decide which changes can be implemented and which ones will require more design work.