About Me

Nabil Ahsan, your User Experience Designer

I'm a Houston-based UX Designer. My background in Computer Science means I can talk to your developers in their language and work collaboratively to bring your product to life. Most of my design handoffs always take place on GitHub.

I take pride in being efficient and detail-oriented. I ask a lot of questions to get an understanding of the problem, the process, and the project timeline.

Photo of Nabil holding a Zoro doll

What it is like to work with me

Nabil was never afraid to ask questions or propose alternative solutions. When conducting design reviews to stakeholders, he was always clearly prepared with his content, open to receiving feedback, and comfortable with asking more questions for clarifications. Nabil's drive to be aligned with users' and stakeholders' needs as well as to provide quality output makes him a great addition to any product team.
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Joanna Kurylo

Revenue Growth Strategist

Nabil used the vast knowledge he's accumulated into frames of reference that enabled the team to move past potential friction points in the design process. Whether we were working on launching a completely new pivot in a product or working through feature implementations, Nabil's extensive research skills, coupled with his understanding of upcoming trends, provided our team with creative, out-of-this-world wireframes and designs.
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Janmy Saludo

UX Developer, HCSS