Md Nabil Ahsan


I recently completed my internship at HCSS where I was a UX Designer. I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside other experienced developers and designers and learn about the industry. I was also fortunate enough to work with another UX Designer intern on a large scale redesign of an iOS application.
Together we carried out research into the users and the current application to find areas of improvement and figure what can be added to make it more useful.

While pursuing my degree in Computer Science, I cofounded a startup called Shoot. Shoot was a platform for finding and booking the perfect photographer for your special moments. I was in charge of designing and building the landing page, and the first version of the platform, which was a very minimal version of a dula sided marketplace website. The entire website was created using just HTML and CSS and a few lightweight Javascript plugins. It was designed based on research our team conducted on our users and also tested with customers.

You can check out my resume here.


I have been doing most of my high and low fidelity prototypes in Figma. During my internship, I learned about:

  • UX Research
  • Interaction Design
  • User-centered Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Design Thinking
  • Design Systems
  • I have done front-end web development using HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Javascript. The styling for most of my projects were based off Bootstrap, as it gave me a proper foundation to build off of. A few of the school projects, which were team-based, were full-stack web development projects in PHP and MySQL.


    UX Projects

    Getting People to Click - UX of Card Design.

    Website Projects:

    Shoot MVP - The marketplace for booking photographers.

    Shoot - The landing page.

    Old Personal Website - Built with Hugo.

    Community Engagement

    Figma Houston - Community of UX and UI Designers.


    I am available via email at