User Experience Designer

If you are looking for someone who is an expert (not my words but that's what my team says) at Figma, Webflow, and Notion, you should obviously pick me.

so what am i good at?

I am good at Figma. Low fidelity, high fidelity, prototyping. Really into working with auto layout and using components. I like to make my life easy.

I am good at Webflow. I built most of this site on Figma and once it looked good enough, I started importing a few of those assets into a Webflow style guide. I'll link to my exceptionally kickass Webflow projects soon. Landing pages, agency websites, even some nifty 3D stuff.

I like road mapping. I work with a team of awesome individuals and we want to do the best work possible. That requires proper organization and prioritization of tasks. I like sitting with my team so we can all be clear on what some of our expectations are, what deadlines look like, and how we can help each other and effectively complete those tasks.

I am ok at photography. I'll leave it at that. My girlfriend likes my photos so I am happy with that.

I also like One Piece if it wasn't clear enough.

web application

Shoot - Transforming the way people book photoshoots

ipad application

Equipment360 - Heavy Machinery Maintenance, Simplified

ios and android app - coming soon

Atom - Enabling fitness influencers and creators to earn a living

landing page - coming soon

Bohemian Innovation - A cutting edge digital agency.

nft - coming soon

Stealth Project - A new dimension