Revolutionizing Payment Processes for Freelancers and Gig Workers

Designed AtomPay, a web and mobile app streamlining payments for diverse professionals. Conducted user research, addressed market recognition challenges, and launched on Product Hunt, achieving $55,000 in total transactions and 2800 sign-ups in three months.
Product Designer
Bohemian Innovation
Project Type
Web App
March to August 2022

AtomPay, a Web and Mobile App developed under Bohemian Innovation, aimed to streamline the payment process for diverse professionals. It represented a pivot from AtomComplete, a gym management platform, which you can read about here. The project addressed the challenge of simplifying payments for a varied group of professionals, recognizing the hurdle that payment processes posed for fitness professionals. AtomPay positioned itself in a crowded digital transaction platform market, emphasizing its value proposition for the gig economy.

Registration Process. If user selects a country that doesn't support PayPal or Stripe, they will be shown only the payment processors allowed in those countries.

The target audience comprised freelancers and content creators in the gig economy, facing challenges with existing payment solutions like Cash, Venmo, and PayPal. AtomPay aimed to provide a tailored platform to streamline digital transactions and set up digital stores for services.

As the UX Designer and later the Lead UX Designer, my role involved shaping the platform's visuals and functionality. Teaming up with Michelle, our Senior UX Designer, we conducted UX research and strategy. Being part of a remote team with developers in Austin, TX, and Vietnam, communication primarily occurred on Slack, with detailed design explanations through Loom videos and design handoffs using Github.

Users adding an item to their page. They have the options for free and paid services.
Much like Gumroad, users can share links to specific services and their customers will be taken to the checkout page for that service.

The project navigated the challenge of visibility in a market dominated by established competitors like PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Square, CashApp, and Payoneer. The goal was to communicate AtomPay's unique value proposition for setting up digital stores in the gig economy.

Interviews with fitness professionals during AtomComplete's development highlighted payment hurdles, leading to the creation of AtomPay. The project emphasized marketing and recognition in a competitive market. Launching on Product Hunt resulted in positive reviews, a Gross Merchant Value of $55,000, and 2800 user sign-ups within three months, showcasing AtomPay's potential to revolutionize digital transactions.

The successful launch and achievements underscored AtomPay's potential for ongoing growth and positive impacts on users in the gig economy. By addressing the payment challenges faced by freelancers and content creators, AtomPay significantly improved business operations, reinforcing its capacity for meaningful contributions to the digital transaction process.