Creating a Next-Generation NFT Marketplace

Led the design of BZAAR, an immersive NFT marketplace integrating blockchain, AR, and geolocation. Merged game design principles with NFTs, tackled challenges, and launched a platform fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the digital shopping experience.
Product Designer
Bohemian Innovation
Project Type
Web App
August to December 2021

BZAAR was an immersive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace designed to revolutionize the digital shopping experience. Utilizing blockchain, augmented reality (AR), and geolocation technologies, the goal was to create a more inclusive platform for buying and selling NFTs. The incorporation of gaming elements aimed to enhance user engagement. The aim was to transform the traditional NFT marketplace into an interactive and engaging platform. By combining elements from popular games like Tamagotchi, Digimon, and Pokémon, BZAAR sought to offer a unique virtual shopping experience. The target audience included NFT enthusiasts, gamers, and those seeking an immersive digital shopping experience. Incorporating elements from Pokémon Go added a fitness/wellness component, enhancing user engagement.

BZAAR Map View. Like Pokemon Go you can see yourself and your surroundings on the map. All NFT stores are locations you have to visit to unlock.

As the Product Designer, my responsibilities encompassed designing the entire application for both mobile and web platforms. Leveraging my knowledge in basic game design, I incorporated gaming elements into the NFT marketplace. The scope involved integrating game-like interactions into the NFT marketplace, enhancing digital collectibles with features inspired by popular games. The challenge was to balance realism with engagement and bring a unique blend of geolocation, fitness, and NFT art to the platform.

The design process began with research into games with collectability and caring features, drawing inspiration from Pokémon and Digimon. A rapid Figma prototype showcased the envisioned concept. Iterative design focused on feeding, cleaning, and playing with virtual pets, integrating Pokémon Go functionalities with NFTs.

Our branding was done by an awesome designer named Max Batt. He helped us with name, brand strategy, and crafting the story around BZAAR.
Early iterations of BZAAR for rapid prototyping vs what we ended up building.

The result was BZAAR, an NFT marketplace offering a virtual shopping experience with a Tamagotchi-style gameplay. The integration of geolocation and NFT art broadened the platform's appeal. The project emphasized effective teamwork, user feedback, and the iterative design process, marking a new frontier in combining game design and user experience within a web3 application. The experience gained is poised for application in future projects.

Buying NFT Critters in the shops. All the 3D Models were designed in Unity.